Northern Lights over Pontoon Lake, NT

See more of these northern lights in my flickr page.


DIY Ring Flash Diffuser

December 4, 2012 / Blog, Drawing board / 0 Comments

In preparation for the contest I participated a few weeks ago, I searched online for cheap ring flashes and I came across some DIY ring flashes such as this lighting kit from this website. It looked like it’s easy to assemble but I’m on a tight schedule and shipping it from US to Yellowknife, Canada might take weeks. Then I found this DIY ring flash using a stainless steel salad bowl. Every time I have an idea, I get excited.. so..vrooom!! I headed down to Canadian Tire and grabbed my materials.

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Face Off

ISO 400, 50mm at  f1.4/2 flash fired (SB700 remotely triggered with ring flash diffuser/1 built-in).

This is my winning entry (1st runner-up) from the Face Off Competition held here in Yellowknife on November 4, 2012. Full details of the contest are here.

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A Yellowknifer on Mars

October 3, 2012 / Blog, Drawing board / 0 Comments

This was my winning photo.

Last month, The NWT Tourism had a Yellowknife and Mars Photo Contest where you take a photo of yourself as a Martian in Yellowknife, or as a Yellowknifer on Mars; and submit it to their facebook page.

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