The Creative Process: Journey Through the Land of Shades by George Straatman

2011. I had the pleasure again to design a book cover again for George.

Anyway, I wanted to share some pieces of how I made George’s imagination into an illustration.

I don’t talk a lot nor write. Hope you enjoy this and gives you inspiration.

First, George wrote to me

I wanted a muscular woman in an armour breastplate reaching for a sword that seemed to glow as if backlit and hover above a round stone column. The woman was to have long red hair and she would be kneeling with one arm extended toward the sword…she would be kneeling on one leg with the other leg stretched out behind her…she would be wearing a long white skirt that would be split to reveal a muscular thigh and armoured boots…the background of this picture was to have been an old and somewhat run down ruin of a stone abbey with broken windows through which the starry night sky could be seen…this is the concept for the cover I would like if possible...

I began my research and first thing that came to my mind is find photos of Red Sonja… and woman with red hair.

Then, I began with my pose. Even without experience, I purchased Poser 8, I know it will be the best software for this job. Here was my first attempt.

Holy crap! Nice one! So here’s the next attempt.

Nice! George was happy with the composition.

Then, now onto the armor, hair and blood all over her. Going back to the skirt, here are some screenshots how I made it.


As for the background, I used stock photos.



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