Banff-Jasper Road trip 2013

The family had a recent trip to Banff last October 2013. Being first time in Alberta, particularly in the Rockies, during the trip we kinda got lost going back home and ended up in Jasper. Here are some of my favourite photos. The rest can be seen in my flickr page.

DIY Ring Flash Diffuser

December 4, 2012 / Blog, Drawing board / 0 Comments

In preparation for the contest I participated a few weeks ago, I searched online for cheap ring flashes and I came across some DIY ring flashes such as this lighting kit from this website. It looked like it’s easy to assemble but I’m on a tight schedule and shipping it from US to Yellowknife, Canada might take weeks. Then I found this DIY ring flash using a stainless steel salad bowl. Every time I have an idea, I get excited.. so..vrooom!! I headed down to Canadian Tire and grabbed my materials.

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