Face Off

ISO 400, 50mm at  f1.4/2 flash fired (SB700 remotely triggered with ring flash diffuser/1 built-in).

This is my winning entry (1st runner-up) from the Face Off Competition held here in Yellowknife on November 4, 2012. Full details of the contest are here.

How did I come up with this concept? With no knowledge of the models, the location and the time of shooting, I had to be prepared in any situation, whether it be a low-light or well lit environment. With a 20 minutes time limit to shoot, I knew there would not be enough time to think. So I did some research and sketches. Scroll down to see my sketches.

The ones that were checked are the ones I ended up doing. Below were my 2 entries.

With regards to the lighting, I used a DIY ring flash diffuser. I’ve search online how to make one and made my own version. Click here to see the steps on how I did the diffuser.



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