DIY Ring Flash Diffuser

In preparation for the contest I participated a few weeks ago, I searched online for cheap ring flashes and I came across some DIY ring flashes such as this lighting kit from this website. It looked like it’s easy to assemble but I’m on a tight schedule and shipping it from US to Yellowknife, Canada might take weeks. Then I found this DIY ring flash using a stainless steel salad bowl. Every time I have an idea, I get excited.. so..vrooom!! I headed down to Canadian Tire and grabbed my materials.

And so these what I gathered.

  • plastic chip and dip bowl (2 bucks from Canadian Tire)
  • fine sandpaper
  • course sandpaper
  • Vinyl shower curtain liner (Walmart)
  • Silver duct tape
  • Cheap Rotary tool kit (15 bucks from Canadian Tire)

On to the project. The plastic chip and dip bowl saved me from adding something in the middle.  I cut the side first for my flash tube. Measurements were based from my SB700.

Then, I made a hole in the middle to fit any of my lenses.

Sanded it and covered the inside with the silver duct tape.

Then, I covered it with the vinyl shower curtain liner and use two thick rubber bands to hold it in place.

I don’t have flash cable so I had to make some kind of tube that fits into the hole and my SB700. My apologies as I forgot to take a photo of the tube, but it is similar to the shape of this one here.

Here’s the finish product. This diffuser took me an hour. Having this plastic bowl instead of a stainless steel bowl, cutting and sanding was easy.

Here’s a self-portrait shot with it.

Here’s a test shot with my son as my model. Pardon the mess on his face. He just ate a yummy spaghetti. Shot at 50mm f5.0, ISO200

This DIY ring flash diffuser was used in the recent Photo Contest called “Face-Off” here in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. You can check my winning entry here.

Feel free to send in comments or questions if I miss anything.


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