A Yellowknifer on Mars

This was my winning photo.

Last month, The NWT Tourism had a Yellowknife and Mars Photo Contest where you take a photo of yourself as a Martian in Yellowknife, or as a Yellowknifer on Mars; and submit it to their facebook page.

Although, I had a second choice, where YK Astronaut Justin sits on a small rock and reading a newspaper, my wife didn’t think it’s showing more of the GNWT. The newspaper “NEWS NORTH” kinda gets in the way. I know it’s my Yellowknife, but “We need to show more of the GNWT”. I also like the background. Too bad, wifey didn’t like the whole composition. In the end, we agreed on the photo above showing the GNWT logo on the helmet and chest, a hint of the GNWT flag on the side shoulder and Canada flag on the other side.
Yellowknifer reading newspaper

Behind the scenes.

Middle of September. I started constructing the helmet. Went to google some DIY astronaut helmet. I was torn between doing a DIY HALO Master Chief helmet or just a simple helmet. Figured it’ll take me more time to do it. So, I went with the simpler one.

Here are some of the photos my wife took while making the helmet.

After layers of paper mache, I used wood filler to add some durability.

After drying the wood filler, I sanded it and painted it with a glossy enamel spray paint.




It took 3 coats of paint to get a nice glossy helmet.

Then I added those foam insulation bought from Home Depot for head cushions inside the helmet and around the edge of the helmet.

We did the photoshoot for 2 days, we waited until dawn at Yellowknife sandpits. Weather was a bit cold, but didn’t stop us from doing it. A few passer by and some in their ATVs where looking at us, wondering, what the heck we are doing with a kid on an astronaut suit.

I promised my son, if we win the contest (and we did!), he’ll get the $100 prize and he can buy whatever he wants. He said he’s buying more Lego!

Yay! Lego!


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